Monday, May 17, 2010


JFK Terminal #1 by Doug LettermanWell, I got my wings clipped today and am unable to fly out of JFK to my next timeshare destination. I was planning to jump across the pond to Scotland and write all about my experience renting a timeshare at the Seasons at Brunston Castle. But I won't be flying anywhere today. Volcanic ash. That's right, volcanic ash from Iceland cancelled over 1,000 flights into Heathrow this weekend, and mine was one of them. Raise your hand if you didn't know Iceland even had volcanoes. Same here. Looks like I'll be heading out some time tomorrow, I hope. So in the meantime, I thought I'd take some time and poke around the terminal a bit before trying to find a hotel for the night.

Hey, did you know when the Beatles landed at JFK it wasn't yet called JFK? Nope, it was Idlewild Airport. Doesn't really roll off the tongue so much as JFK does it? Seems there was a golf course here called Idlewild, and they ripped it up to put the airport in its place. Did you ever notice developers always name their projects after the thing they obliterated in order to build it? Fox Run, Quail Ridge, Towering Oaks, etc.? Except Donald Trump, that is. He just names them all after himself. Guess it's better than Idlewild.

Anyway, my tummy is telling me I should find something to eat. Looks like they have a couple of Panini Express locations here. Isn't panini express redundant? Ooh, and a Sbarro. I like that Meat Delight pie they've got. The name says it all. It's got sausage, ham, bacon, and pepperoni. They throw some parsley on there too, for balance. But I am always a sucker for a punny name, so I am going to go with Wok & Roll. How bad could it be?

Looks like they have Internet access as well, so I can jump on and line up some timeshare rentals for future dispatches. Did you know you can sign up for posting alerts on RedWeek? Yep. Just pick a resort like Harborside Resort at Atlantis in Paradise Island. Then on the right hand side choose Receive posting alerts, and you'll have alerts emailed to you when new postings are added. And you don't have to restrict it to just a single resort. You can isolate a specific city, state, or even an entire country. It's a handy vacation planning tool, and I highly recommend it.

Well I guess I'll check in with you next week, and hopefully I won't still be here at JFK. You know, like in that Tom Hanks movie The Terminal. Is it just me or wouldn't Yakov Smirnoff have been a better casting decision for that? Cheaper anyway. Do svidaniya!

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