Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beware of Charging Bulls in Pamplona

My post comes to you today from a local hospital. Sorry I could not provide my usual Monday post but, while participating in the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, I became injured! Although gored in the leg and then trampled by a 1200 lb. bull, my doctor says I should make a complete recovery. My physician tells me it was a miracle, or at the very least dumb luck, that I was not more seriously injured.

I guess I yinged when I should have yanged. Of course, stopping along the route to converse with spectators was probably not a good idea. I was just trying to tell someone how much money I saved renting a timeshare instead of staying at a hotel when suddenly, the bull appeared out of nowhere and headed straight for me.

It's mostly my pride that was hurt. Well, that and this giant whole in my leg, and the head-to-toe bruising... but mainly my pride.

While lying in my hospital bed I saw a clip of myself on the Spanish news, as my death-defying tale has made me a bit of a media sensation. They are calling me, "El Ambassador del Loco." Can anyone translate that for me?

I should be discharged later this week so I can be off on another timeshare travel adventure!

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